Six Things to Look For in Any Affiliate Promoter Program You Want to Get Involved With

A big part of your success as an affiliate promoter is your ability to pinpoint the right promoter programs that offer opportunities with potential. You need to know what characteristics to look out for in an affiliate program that indicates a strong potential for making profits.

The following are six things to look for in any program you want to get involved with. 

Quality products to promote

Probably the number one thing you want to look for in affiliate programs is good products as it's probably going to be hard for you to successfully promote less than good quality products to customers. 

Thoroughly research the available products on an affiliate program to make sure that they are products customers are really going to want to buy. Also, make sure that the available products look like something that you can honestly and ethically promote. 

Products available for promoting in your niche

If you already have a well-established niche, it's important that any program you get involved with offers products in that niche. Otherwise, you should either branch out to new niches or move on to another program. 

Resources the program makes available to affiliate promoters

A good affiliate program will make training and marketing resources available to promoters. For example, some good affiliate programs offer educational videos on how to navigate their sites. They also tend to offer marketing resources like landing pages and graphics that affiliates can use to promote their products. 

Conversion rates for the products available

The conversion rate of the products a program makes available is a good indication of how profitable the products have been and may end up being. This shows what percentage of customers who come to a site with an interest in a product actually end up purchasing that product. 

Cookie life for the various products the program offers for promotion

Cookie life indicates how soon a potential customer needs to purchase a product after clicking on a link for the affiliate to make a commission on that sale. The longer the cookie life, the better it is for the affiliate.

Ideally, you want to look for programs that offer a cookie life of at least a month to maximize your chances of making commissions on online sales.  

Terms and conditions that are acceptable

It's important to read through the fine print of any affiliate program before you sign up and start promoting. There are numerous factors to look into including payment thresholds, refund processing on sales, commission amounts, and more. 

For more information about affiliate marketing promoter programs, contact a local business near you.

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