4 Tricks To Dominate Real Estate Lead Generation For Newbies

Lead generation is the key to a successful real estate career. You need to be constantly generating leads of both buyers and sellers in order to stay busy throughout the year. In fact, many experienced agents know that you market a home not to sell the home, but to market yourself to the next client. houses sell themselves. So, how do you generate more leads when you are a new agent? Here are a few tricks.

1. Custom real estate signs: The cheapest and most efficient way to generate leads is through your 'For Sale' signs. If you have standard-issue signs that you borrowed from the office manager, then all the calls -- all the leads -- are going directly to the front desk. If you are out of the office for any reason, the front desk will just transfer the call to whoever has 'ups'. Invest in custom signs with your name and photo on them instead.

2. Social media: Learn how to use social media and post on a regular basis. You should post on an 80/20 schedule, meaning only 20 percent of your posts should be about what you are selling. The other 80 percent should be information to help past, present, and future clients, like infographics on mortgage rates, funny memes, or even a copy of the local high school football team's fall schedule. Social media is cheap -- free! -- way to get real estate leads. 

You can even set up your CRM software -- customer relationship management software -- to remind you to reach out to past clients via DM. This can help you to stay in contact in contact with them and help them remember your name if they need to refer any friends to a real estate agent.

3. Personal website: Every real estate agent needs their own, custom real estate website, not just a page on their company's website. How do you know if you have a page instead of your own site? If your URL reads www.RealEstateCompany.com/MyName, you do not have your own site. 

This is important for two main reasons. You want a stand-alone site so that you maintain control of it if you decide to switch to another real state franchise and so that all the real estate leads come to you, not the front desk. 

4. Hand-written notes: In our rush-rush, tech-filled world, a hand-written note can stop a person in their tracks, if only for a moment. take time out of your busy schedule to send an anniversary card to your past clients who either bought or sold a home with you. Ask them how things are going and if they are enjoying their new home. The extra effort of a hand-written note in a hand-addressed envelope will help your clients remember you, which is key to leads generated from past client referrals. 

Successful real estate lead generation requires continual effort on your part to get your name in front of past, present, and future clients. The above tricks are easy ways to do that.

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