4 Practices To Engage In When Marketing To Hispanics

The Hispanic population in the United States is a growing market with large buying power. If you want to market your advertising towards the Hispanic market in the United States, make sure you are doing more than just directly translating your English-language marketing into Spanish. Make sure you understand the cultural differences between the two markets.

#1 Understand the Generation Gap

The generation gap within the Hispanic marketplace is a little different than it is in the general United States marketplace. In the U.S. English marketplace, the generation gap refers to the gap between individuals born during different time periods, such as the 1980s vs the early 2000s.

In the Hispanic marketplace, the generation gap is often more about the difference between first-generation Hispanics, sometimes referred to as traditionalists, and second-generation Hispanics.

First-generation Hispanics more often align with traditional Hispanic cultural values which center around spending time with family and celebrating holidays with good food together. Second-generation and beyond Hispanics reflect more a mix of traditional Hispanic cultural values mixed with regular English-language culture. Young second-generation Hispanics may have more millennial values while still respecting their own culture.

Each of these markets requires a unique message, and each of these groups can be further broken down. Don't assume that all Hispanics are the same; you need to target your message more than that.

#2 Use Hispanic Talent

To really connect with your audience, you should create your advertising campaigns using Hispanic talent. There is a vast and robust world of Hispanic talent that is based both in the United States and around the world. There is no reason to use English based talent when marketing to Hispanics; there enough famous people with Hispanic heritage for you to draw on. Stay away from stereotyping, but focus on embracing the wholeness of the culture by tapping into talent who understand their market.

#3 Go Mobile with Your Advertising

Finally, make sure you go mobile with your advertising. If you really want your message to connect, make sure that it is mobile friendly. Online social media can provide lots of opportunities for direct engagement with your audience, and that is just as true when marketing to Hispanics as it is to any other group.

When marketing to Hispanics, understand that they do not represent one group; there is a wide range of diversity and cultural differences within the Hispanic market, and if you want to effectively reach the Hispanic market, you need to understand what market you are targeting. Further the effectiveness of your campaign by making it mobile friendly and using Hispanic stars in your advertising. Get in touch with Hispanic digital marketing services to learn more. 

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