3 Tips To Help Small Businesses Increase Their Digital Marketing Footprint

As a small business, it may feel like there is little you can do to improve your digital marketing and compete with larger, well-known businesses. Fortunately, many of the tactics larger businesses use to increase their visibility are available to you.

Track Visitors To Your Website

Tracking the visitors to your website can help you improve your marketing strategy because you will learn where customers are finding your business and what they do after they land on your page. For example, you may find more visitors land on your website through your social media platforms than through search engines. Using this information, it would be wise to invest more of your marketing budget on boosting your search engine rankings. Additionally, the same information might mean you should work harder to keep your social media followers engaged and encourage them to spread information about your business. This might include providing useful information on social media, holding contests, and utilizing keywords on your social media posts.

Build A YouTube Channel

YouTube remains an invaluable tool for digital marketing, especially if your business can incorporate useful or practical information that viewers can follow. Small businesses related to plumbing, extermination, or HVAC may want to build a video catalog about common customer problems. This can include simple things a homeowner can do to reduce problems in their home and, of course, when to call a professional. When creating YouTube videos, you will need to find a balance between creating content that feels helpful to your audience, but also promotes your product or service.

Audiences generally do not respond well to obvious sales tactics, but you do not want to give your audience all the information, which may lead them to solve all their problems without asking for professional help. Most of these tactics can be used for other types of businesses, such as restaurants. Perhaps you want to show viewers recipes that are not on your menu, so they will be interested enough in your cooking style to come in and dine.

Use Targeted Ads

With more social media platforms displaying ads, this is a vital opportunity to attract new customers. Many social media platforms use algorithms to determine which ads people see. The information used might include who they follow, different searches they made on the platform, and demographic information. Investing some of your marketing budget in targeted ads is an easy method of placing your business in front of the people most likely to utilize your product or service. You may want to seek professional assistance when developing the ad to ensure your are providing eye-catching graphics with the appropriate information that will encourage viewers to click on the ad and be taken outside the social media platform.

Implementing a few digital marketing solutions will increase your visibility online. As your business grows, you should continuously change your strategy to compete with similar businesses.

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